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Our Gear

Here we recommend the products that we personally use and love. Some of the links are Amazon affiliate links, which means we receive a very small commission. There is no additional cost to you and it helps us continue doing the work we love. :)


Packing Cubes

If there's just one thing that has made traveling easy for us, it is these Packing Cubes. We cannot recommend it enough! They are so incredibly useful regardless of the type of bag you travel with - backpacks or large trolley bags. The cubes are super lightweight, perfect organisers, and SAVE YOU SO MUCH TIME while looking around for your items on a trip.


We have been using the Amazon Basics cubes  (see below) for over four years now and they are of great quality!



Never underestimate the importance of a comfortable, ergonomic backpack, especially when on a hike. 

Size of the bag
Backpack sizes are usually measured in litres. For simple day-hikes you would only need a 20 litres (20L) backpack to fit all your essentials of the day (like some snacks, water bottles, and maybe basic toiletries/sunscreen/phone charging devices).  But for longer or overnight hikes, you would need at least a 40L backpack to fit in more clothing items. We use a 50L backpack so that we can fit in our overnight camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, food supplied) and filming gear (camera, tripod, drone). Additionally, we have a tiny 10L backpack inside our bigger 50L backpack in case we need to go for a quick dinner or outing and want to leave behind our bigger backpack in our hotel.

How should the bag fit you?

A good backpack is one that helps to redistribute all of the bag's weight from your shoulders to your hip - which is why backpacks come with a waist strap (also known as a hip belt) to help you do exactly that. Our backpacks come with padding on the waist and shoulder  


Rainproofing your bag
This is very important if rains are frequent in the place that you hike. Ensure that your backpack comes with an attached rain-cover, although this built-in feature is mostly available in the larger backpacks (30L and above). In case your existing backpack does not come with a rain-cover, you can always purchase separate rain covers for different backpack sizes from stores like Decathlon.




Forclaz Backpack.png

Arjun's backpack!

Senora's backpack!

TIP - We love backpacks which have zippers on the bag front  along its length, so you can easily access the contents without having to take out all your other stuff from the bag top.

It saves so much time and stress while backpacking.

A mini bag that we use for short day-hikes. Fits so easily into our main backpack!

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