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Would you believe if we said that all our YouTube videos are filmed using JUST A SMARTPHONE? Yes that's right. No expensive DSLRs or lenses, but our good ol' iPhone does all the magic.

The secret though, is in the SETTINGS :


  • Make sure that you are recording your videos in 4K (It is ideal to not go below 1080P these days).

  • We set our FPS (frames per second) rate at 24, but for slow-motion shots, 60 FPS should be the minimum

iPhone 1 2pro max.png

Arjun's phone

iPhone 11 pro.png

Senora's phone

For stable, hands-free shots

We love the digital battery % display - SO useful!



If you are just starting out with creating videos, a drone is not really a necessity. But it does help to elevate your videos and add that extra magic. We did not have a drone during our initial travels, until last year when we got the DJI Mavic Air 2, and we could not have been happier with the aerial shots we now have for our videos!



If there is one lesson we have learnt while creating films for YouTube, is that AUDIO is always superior to VIDEO. A good sound quality, including voiceovers, as well as the right kind of music can do wonders to even poorly shot videos.

Connects the microphone receiver to the iPhone through the headphone jack!

Connects the SC7 cable and microphone receiver to the iPhone! 



We edited our initial videos on iMovies (free) and gradually upgraded to Final Cut Pro X (one-time payment of US$ 299), which we absolutely love! Note that both of these work only on Mac and iOS devices. All our videos are edited on our four year old MacBook Pro which still works like a beast!

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 23.15.42.png
Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 23.14.06.png

The software we use!

Our portable storage device!

Royalty-Free Music


The music or background score you use for video-editing can play a huge role in the mood you wish to create through your story. We use royalty-free music and sound effects from Epidemic Sound  - the link below will lead you to a 60-day free trial month of unlimited music!


Click for a FREE 60-day trial

of unlimited royalty-free music!

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