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11 Must-Have Travel Apps on Your Phone

Traveling has become so much easier these days with the internet and all those 'apps' on our smart phones. Many of these apps have been super useful during our travels, so we have compiled a list of the ones that we highly recommend. Some names might seem obvious but we've listed them just because they're SO good that we can’t do without them! 😊


You may have pre-booked all your flights on a computer but having at least one of the flights-booking apps on your phone is very handy in situations such as a missed flight or last-minute changes to your itinerary! Skyscanner and Kayak are our top favorites. These apps search for the most affordable travel options and cheapest dates to fly. You can also get alerts when prices change. Don’t forget to check out for discount codes on these sites to get even cheaper deals.


Google Maps, aka LIFE SAVIOR, is the best mobile navigation app ever. It offers directions for travel by car, on public transit, on foot, by cab, or even bicycle. Google Maps also helps you find things like restaurants or museums in your vicinity along with their contact details in case you want to make any reservations or inquiries. Th coolest feature of the app is the ‘Offline Maps’. 👌If you do not have a data plan on your travel SIM card, then simply use your hotel WiFi, get on the app and load the directions to your point of interest. Then all you do is tap the ‘download offline map’ button which you can later use on the go without having to be connected to the internet! 😀

You will be surprised to know that cabs booked via these apps can sometimes be way cheaper than local taxi services. For instance, when we were in Bangkok we frequently used services offered by Grab (which is Uber for South East Asia) as opposed to the local tuk-tuks or taxis which charge tourists exorbitant amounts!


Do you get bogged down with all the math you need to do for currency conversions? After trying several foreign exchange apps, XE Currency has become our favorite. 👌 The app is constantly being updated and offers live exchange rates for every world currency. Plus, it stores the last updated rates, so it even works when the Internet doesn't. 😉


This app is GENIUS. You can translate any text you type into over 100 different languages, and for some major languages you can even use the app without an internet connection! What blows our mind is the ‘Instant Camera Translation’ feature which translates text in images by just pointing your camera. 😮This is so useful for translating foreign sign boards, restaurant menus, and ingredients on food packaging as well!


This is your best ALL-IN-ONE REVIEWS guide.✔️ The app detects your location and loads a list of nearby attractions, places to visit, things to do and so on, along with millions of reviews, opinions, videos, and photos. It is such a useful way to ensure you are spending money and time on the right things.


Booking and Agoda are your best bet for booking hotel accommodations across the world at amazing deals. You can filter your hotel search by city, attraction, prices, star-ratings, review score, WiFi quality and other things important to you.


- If you are uncertain about the accommodation or travel dates, don’t forget to click the ‘refundable’ option so you don’t lose all your money later.

- Prior to payment, it is best to compare prices on both apps for your preferred hotel as prices can vary.

- Look out for discount codes or app vouchers to save some bucks on your purchase

We booked all our hostel accommodations in South East Asia on the HostelWorld app. This is great for backpackers and budget travelers to choose from a range of traditional hostels, boutique hostels, party hostels, or even 5-Star hostels! You can also read up-to-the-minute hostel reviews, view photographs and read detailed descriptions to help you make the perfect choice.

Airbnb has listings of a range of vacation home rentals – rooms, apartments, villas and more - offered by hosts across the world for short to long-term periods. It is great for everyone from couples, families with kids, to even business people. There’s often questions regarding safety, and the credibility of information shared by hosts, so make sure to read several reviews by previous guests and photographs to ensure a good experience.


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